SUN8:00 AMBessemerCDBessemer35020Bessemer Club House 824 9th Street North
SUN8:00 AMBustersCDVestavia Hills35243Moe's BBQ 2520 Rocky Ridge Road
SUN8:00 AMEarly RisersOSSMountain Brook35213Canterbury Unitied Methodist 350 Overbrook Road
SUN8:00 AMHueytownCDHueytown35023Industrial City Community Center 217 Nabors Avenue
SUN8:00 AMShelby CountyCD, WCMontevallo35115Meeting Cancelled 240 Wilson Drive
SUN8:00 AMBlount County*OD Allgood 35121Trailer Behind Shiloh Methodist 134 Boat Landing Road
SUN8:30 AMLeedsCDLeeds35094Leeds Group (Between Ryan's Automotive and Army Surplus Store) 8220 Parkway Drive
SUN11:00 AMFive PointsOSBirmingham35205JAFI Jefferson Alcoholic Foundation 2012 14th Avenue South
SUN11:00 AMCoosa Valley*CDRainbow City35906Coosa Valley Group 941 Sutton Bridge Road
SUN12:00PM5th Tradition Group*CD, BBOxford36203need more info 2260 Highway 78
SUN12:00 PMCullman*ODCullman35055AA Hall 1519 St Joseph Street NW
SUN12:00 PMNew Life*CBBOxford36203Next door to fireworks store 2250 Highway 78 West
SUN12:00 PMTuscaloosa*CDTuscaloosa35401Queen City AA Bldg (unmarked drive between park and 21st ave) 2025 Jack Warner Parkway
SUN1:30 PMPrimary PurposeCD, BG, WCHomewood35209Edgewood Presbyterian 850 Oxmoor Road
SUN2:00 PMAnniston*CD, CBBAnniston362011st United Methodist (in building behind church) 1411 Gurnee Avenue
SUN2:00 PMPiedmont*ODPiedmont36272Need Info - unconfirmed location and address 631 East Hughes Street
SUN3:00 PMTittusvilleCD, OS, ABirmingham35205Our Lady of Fatima 700 1st Street South
SUN3:00 PMJasper Primary Purpose*ODJasper 35501Christ United Methodist 1401 Jones Dairy Rd.
SUN3:00 PMSumiton*CDSumiton35148Housing Authority (across from Post Office) 45 Oak Drive
SUN4:00 PMCaleraCDCalera35040Concord Baptist (3rd Sunday - Open Speaker) 11215 Hwy 22
SUN4:00 PMSerenity at Hwy 11CDPelham35124Chip Club (next door to Lakeview Methodist) 5000 Hwy 11
SUN4:30 PMNorth JeffersonODMorris35116Church at Morris 850 3rd Avenue North
SUN5:00 PM1st Things 1st*CSSJacksonville36265St Charles Catholic Church 308 7th Street NE
SUN5:30 PMSerenity NowCDHomewood35209Our Lady of Sorrows, Scout Room (Park on top of parking deck in back) 1728 Oxmoor Road
SUN6:00 PMLive and Let LiveOD, GBirmingham35205Unity Church 2803 Highland Avenue South
SUN6:00 PMWest Blocton*ODWoodstock35188West Blocton Municipal Building 62 Walter Owens Drive
SUN6:30 PMDay by DayCDHoover35244Bryan Memorial Presbyterian (House behind Church) 2600 Valleydale Road
SUN7:00 PMBessemerOSSBessemer35020Bessemer Club House (non-smoking) 824 9th Street North
SUN7:00 PMColonnadeODBirmingham35243St. Thomas Episcopal 2870 Acton Road
SUN7:00 PMHighland ParkODBirmingham35205First Lutheran 2507 Highland Avenue South
SUN7:00 PMLeedsODLeeds35094Leeds Group (Between Ryan's Automotive and Army Surplus Store) 8220 Parkway Drive
SUN7:00 PMNew BeginningODMontevallo35115St. Andrews Episcopal (Montevallo) 925 Plowman Street
SUN7:00 PMPelhamCSSPelham35124Crosscreek Baptist 600 Crosscreek Trail
SUN7:00 PMTrussvilleCDTrussville35173Methodist Church Annex (House behind Church) 216 Linden Street
SUN7:00 PMYoung TimersODBirmingham35205St Andrews Episcopal Church 1024 12th Street South
SUN7:00PMAshland Hometown Group*CDAshland36251in red brick house by Presbyterian Church Ashland, AL
SUN7:00 PMBlountsville*OD, ABlountsville35031White building just south of Jack's Hamburgers 67855 HWY 231
SUN7:00 PMCullman*OS & ODCullman35055AA Hall 1519 St Joseph Street NW
SUN7:00 PMNew Life*OD, BGOxford36203Next door to fireworks store 2250 Highway 78 West
SUN8:00 PMHooverOSHoover35226Green Valley Baptist Church 1815 Patton Chapel Road
SUN8:00 PMAttalla*CDAttalla35954Old Elementary School 703 Wilson Street
SUN8:00 PMMaplesville*CDMaplesville 36750Old School Highway 139
SUN8:00 PMPell City Downtowners*CDPell City35125Serenity House 86 Cogswell Avenue
* Indicates meeting in Outlying Area
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Meeting Codes: A=Al-Anon at same time, AT=Alateen at same time, CCP=Child Care Provided, WC=Wheelchair Accessible, ASL=Sign Language Interpreted, WO=Women Only, G=Gay (All Welcome), SP=Spanish Speaking, BG=Beginners, OD/OS/OBB/OSS=Open Discussion/Speaker/Big Book Study/Step Study, CD/CBB/CSS=Closed Discussion/Big Book Study/Step Study